Who We Are

Who We Are

Global Clean Energy Technologies provides an alternative set of clean energy products and services that meet ever-changing and demanding energy needs.

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Our Products

Our Products

Provide a versatile clean energy power alternative that is easy to deploy, and a rapid ROI.

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Our Services

Our Services

We provide consulting & engineering services to the energy industry with a focus on clean energy technologies, with a line of services to provide unique alternate energy solutions to meet your needs.

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Alternative Energy Systems with the Power to Save!

At Global Clean Energy Technologies (GCETek) we provide a line of products that provide alternate power sources to remote and costly locations. These products are easy to deploy and require little to no maintenance with a long life-cycle and a rapid return on investment.

GCETek, a subsidiary of Mechatron Systems, Inc., has been established for the design, development, and production of self-contained green energy electrical charging systems, both grid-tie and stand-alone. The intent and purpose of these systems is to provide the widest possible technological solutions for real-world energy production problem sets. Our automated solar/wind power generation station is designed as a complete energy application allowing access to electricity in remote locations as well as the back yard in an easily transportable package.

What We Provide:

  • We provide a complete line of alternate power sources. Get to know our Sol-Watt manufactured product line here.
  • We provide a custom designed alternate power source to meet your needs. Contact us here to let us know how we are able to assist you with your demanding requirements.
  • We provide consulting services to help make understanding and implementing your energy production needs.
  • We provide engineering services focused on energy and robotics.

The POWER to Serve!

Look around the site and see who we are, what we do and what we provide. We strive to deliver high quality products at a competitive price point. We design our products as a grassroots clean alternative to conventional energy and focus on providing exceptional customer service. We would like to aid you in your decision making process, so please contact us, and let us know how we can better server you and your needs.